Nov 13, 2008

I've been tagged...

Kristin tagged me to share 6 things about me.

The rules are as following:
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Random Facts

1. I was adopted and just recently met my biological sister for the FIRST time!
2. I'm part American Indian.
3. I've never broken any of my bones.
4. I've had more miscarriages than successful pregnancies.
5. I think Papillons are the most beautiful dogs in the world.
6. I have a 'thing' for dream catchers.

Now my problem sets in... I only know 2 bloggers... so what do I do now!?!?

I'm going to tag Christa and Kristin. LOL

An Old Soul

I spent this past weekend with Billy in Tampa. We had a wonderful time and it was the first time in FIVE YEARS that we've had a "kidless" weekend together. It was LONG overdue. lol

On my way back home, my flight had a short layover in Cincinnati. While I was waiting, I saw a news segment about an 11 year old boy who was in his final battle with leukemia. Please take a few minutes to watch this story about him.

Brenden Foster's Last Wish

Oct 31, 2008

Black cats and candy and glow sticks... OH MY!

Happy Halloween!!

Today started off normal... except it's BLACK CAT DAY on Toontown! So, before the kids left for school, we took 10 minutes to turn the new cats BLACK by saying "Toontastic!" to Flippy. :) We now have several new black cats... Little Warrior, Elphaba, Singing Sister, Opurra Toonity and Keenly Interested.

Then, it turns out the TT world is a REALLY small place. (Like I didn't know that already!) I was playing Elphaba with Yowl At D'Mooon and met up with several new black cats. One of them turned out to be a new baby toon of a friend that I run DA's with a LOT! I found her on today and now we're true friends. Yay!

Trick or Treating was fun tonight! I took all three kiddos out trick or treating, but Emmett only made it through about 10 houses. We stopped by our house and then Billy took Kaleigh and Wyatt back out again. Billy decided he'd go out as Urkel... (oh joy!) We're all back safe and sound now, except that Emmett doesn't seem to want to go to sleep since he's all hopped up on sugar. Hmmm...

The kids have a looooong weekend... no school on Monday or Tuesday next week. So, late nights abound in the Ringo House! YAY!

Oct 30, 2008

I'm so tired of being in pain.

I have vulvodynia and a whole host of other issues 'down stairs' that keep me in pain a majority of the time. It hurts to sit, stand, lay down, walk, run... whatever. But ya know, I'm a Mom... so I gotta keep going even when it hurts so bad all I wanna do is cry. I was going to a physical therapist for this, but there were issues with the office (messing up appointment times, putting me with the wrong therapist) and I don't go there anymore. I found another therapy place in Louisville via Google just a bit ago and will give them a call when they open. I also found a good place for some online support... I'm not exactly sure why I didn't come across this when I was diagnosed with all of this prior to my hysterectomy.

This week has been bad for me, pain wise. I'm sure it's a direct result of sitting in the car for 8 hours to drive to Atlanta. (Kaleigh and I went with Billy's Mom, Sister and Aunt to see Wicked, which was really AWESOME!!) The car ride put me into a pain cycle that I'm having trouble getting out of right now. I broke down about 10 minutes ago and took a 'happy pill' I had left over from the c-section. I hope it kicks in soon. Maybe when it does, I'll be able to lay down and get some rest.

Oct 12, 2008


When I was a child, I knew exactly what elementary, middle and high school I would be attending. I didn't have a choice AND I was guaranteed a great education. I even graduated with some of the same people that were in my kindergarten class. (Granted, I grew up in a small town, but STILL!!)

Now, it's time for us to pick a middle school for our oldest child, Kaleigh. Our 'home' middle school is a joke; lock downs at least once a week, poor grades, even poorer choices made by the students. For that and many other reasons, we're looking at our options for middle schools. Apparently, our next door neighbor's daughter who is the same age as Kaleigh has told her that she has no choice but to attend a school that is nowhere near our house. She got VERY upset and started crying about it this morning; saying she wished she could live closer to that school. So for the past 45 minutes, I've been looking at our local school system's website, printing off the necessary forms for middle school applications and also descriptions of the magnet schools in our area. We'll be attending the yearly "Showcase of Schools" in a few weeks and I'd like to be as prepared as possible for that. Maybe even have it narrowed down to 2 or 3 schools by that point.

I'm doing my best not to be upset with the girl next door. I really am. But I tell ya... the Momma Bear comes out in me when I know my little girl is upset. Billy has tried telling Kaleigh not to put too much into what she hears from her friend. That's all well and good and I certainly hope she takes what Daddy is telling her to heart. >sigh< It'll all be over soon, right? Oh wait... nope, it won't... we're almost into the teens! YIKES!

Sunday, Sunday

Billy's off to work (again) and took Kaleigh with him this time. The boys and I just came in from playing out back and they're now watching the "Thomas" movie in the other room. I figured this was as good a time as any to get some blogging done. HA!!

Life needs to slow down just a teeny bit... after looking at my calendar, I'm really trying to work out HOW I managed to get myself so loaded down with STUFF to do! Our chorus has a show coming up on October 18th. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm really excited about the show, I really am! I just never realized how much work I was getting myself into by volunteering. I do like what I'm doing to help and am kinda 'in my element' while working with sounds and whatnot. I just didn't realize I had so much other stuff going on right now. Add to that, for some unknown reason I volunteered to be a Room Mom and it entails MUCH more than I ever expected!! And then add the quartet to the mix and Girl Scouts and Billy going out of town for work and stuff the kids are doing for school and helping my parents find a house here in Louisville and Toontown... >sigh< I'll sleep when I'm dead, right? lol

Well, I'm off to catch up on housework now. Even though I really don't wanna... wah.

Oct 10, 2008

Ok, so I'm not so great at this blogging stuff!

I post once several months ago and then that's it?! Yeesh... someone slap me with a wet noodle. LOL

So much has happened since that last post.... YES, I met my sister and she's WONDERFUL! And I have a nephew and a niece who are simply adorable!

I've just recently returned from my 2nd visit to see my sister and her family. This time, I took the 3 kids and the dog with me and we drove. Believe it or not, it was a rather uneventful 12 hour trip! No one puked, no one had any accidents... of course, I think they were as good as they were because of the DVD players in the van. Kaleigh and Wyatt also had their DS's with them and played them until the batteries ran down. (We managed to find the car charger for the return trip.) Thank GOODNESS for technology!!!

This time, Julie and I took all 5 kids to Olan Mills and had some pictures taken. You can see lots of pictures here from both trips. We were all sad to go home after our short visit, but it was great to know that we could all get along for a few days! It makes me sad sometimes to think of all the time we lost... just because I didn't search before I did. (Apparently Bambie (Mom) told her not to look for me.)

Well, I think that's it for now. I'll try to be better at this, I promise! :)